Thursday, July 22, 2010

Captain Jack Guidry Loves Flying

Flying has changed over the years. I flew as a kid in the Constellation. My excitement for flying has never changed. A few weeks ago Susanne and I experienced an American Airlines flight. First there was a lot of balloons around the ticket desk and then American airlines employees were handing out cake to all the passengers. What was up? a birthday - no, but as Captain Jack Guirdy taxied out of Dallas he announced that we were going to get wet.

A fire truck watered the plane down! WOW Then Captain Jack powered up the throttled and ripped up to 39 thousand feet. Over the intercom Captain Jack thanked the passengers for making his dream come true of flying airplanes most of his life. Learning to fly in High school and flying in the USAF then finally flying 31 years for American Airlines- My favorite Airline!- We were on his last flight out of Dallas Texas and the entire plane clapped and cheered after his touching announcement.

As we stepped off the plane I asked captain Jack if I could take a photo and by the look on his face you can see how much he loves flying!

May we all be so happy on our last flight. As I have been striving to make the finest fins on the market for the last 32 years I can relate to smile on Captain Jack's Face.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Choosing and Using a Full Face Mask

I have recently viewed Hammerhead Press's New Video Choosing and using Full Face Masks WOW, I wondered after watching it if I would receive a certification in diving Full Face Masks. The Producers Steve and Kristine Barsky are no strangers to doing something right. Choosing and Using a Full Face Mask covers everything you need to know and more. Bonus section included!

The one of the many times I donned a Full Face Mask.

This Band Mask was used for a Brooks Photo shoot, my alma mater. I know the living legends of designing diving helmets Bev Morgan, Bob Kirby, Bob Ratcliffe three of the top commercial helmet designers

If you want first hand information on Choosing and Using a Full Face Mask turn to Hammerhead Press and there is lots of professional footage with Force Fins in the video.

If you want to chat with another personal friend who can give you a quick heads up contact Blair Mott at Force Fin.