Monday, November 16, 2009

Adjustable Slim Fin

The Adjustable Slim Fin is my favorite fitness swimming fin and it is the Force Fin model I use Monday through Friday mornings for his workouts in his US Master's swim program. It is extremely comfortable and is a great enrichment tool for my watertime! The Adjustable Slim Fin will fit barefoot sizes from 7 to 11 US. I am 10.5 and I use it barefoot! This model is currently the Force Fin product that is part of our 30 30 30 PROMO- 30% off until December 14th.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friends of Force Fin

I have recently returned from the 50th NOGI Awards Gala which was held in Orlando Florida. It was a great event where you could meet and listen to many legends in the dive industry. I would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone whose hard work went into making the 50th NOGI Awards Gala a night to remember.

Among the many guests that attended the awards gala was Nick Caloyianis. Nick Caloyianis is an award winning cinematographer who has been working in the film and documentary business for decades. It was great to catch up with him and a wonderful surprise when he presented me with a disc with photos from some of his latest work.

For swimming the IMAX camera underwater for the film "Mysteries of the Great Lakes" Nick chose the SD1 Military Force Fin which I designed as a result from the request from military divers wanting a fin that could push heavy loads through the water. The SD1 Military Force Fin is the answer.

PHOTOS by Clarita Berger

When he was filming Basking Sharks for another film project he needed a fin that would provide him with quick acceleration and was fast enough to keep up with the big sharks. He also needed a fin he could swim all day long with out becoming worn out. For this he chose the Excellerating Force Fin and he told me" the Excellerators are a perfect match"

PHOTO by Greg Skomul