Monday, October 26, 2009

Force Fin 30 30 30 PROMO

For the First Time ever Force Fin will be presenting a new program though out the year
It is called the 30 30 30 PRODUCT PROMO

30% off the Force Fin retail price
30 day money back guarantee
30 day special

This also includes Free Shipping anywhere in the world!

So far this year we have featured the PRO Force FinThe Tan Delta Force Fin

Pierre Seguin and Jonathan Bird with their Tan Delta Force Fins while shooting for Jonathan Bird's Blue World series for PBS.

Currently the Original model is the Force Fin product in the 30 30 30 PROMO until November 14th. The Force Fin Original is an all around fin that is great for travel, snorkeling, diving and having fun in the Surf Zone.Stay in touch with the latest Force Fin 30 30 30 Promo at