Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A first for me and a first for Force Fin

I have always been interested in aviation. The dynamics of flight itself is fascinating to me and today I had two Army Helicopter pilots and a flight medic visit us at Force Fin straight from the flight path. I say us, but they really were coming to talk with Blair. He had talked with them last week and he mentioned to me that he had guys flying in on an Army Helicopter to size out for Force Fins. My response to Blair was, ”yea are they going to be landing on top of the building?”

Photo by Kabir Cardenas

I really did not put much thought into it until today when they showed up at Force Fin Head Quarters. I had a grin the size of California when I saw these guys walking into the parking lot in their uniforms about 15 minutes after touch down. Jsmith told us “my fins that were originally issued to me started to tear so I started looking into who was using what. I saw the videos and reviews and information and then I remembered the guys that were using them in Hawaii when I was stationed over there and thought it is time for Force Fins.” I let Blair square away the guys with fins then I showed them different models and we all had a chance to share stories. Once we started talking about aviation and their beautiful and proud EC helicopter they invited us to the check out their bird. I told Juan and Blair pack it up we are going to the Airport.

Myself and Juan with the Pilots.

It was great to meet the guys and to talk diving and flying. Smith was really excited to get into the water with his new Force Fin PROS and his energy was great I had to gift my Force Fin Hat right off my head.

Blair and Jsmith

We have had people stop by our Head Quarters from to time from all over the world. First time Force Finners to decades long time Force Fin veterans, but anything like this.

As we parted they mentioned they would fly over our building on their way out and sure enough I just so happen to be right out in the parking lot when they flew by with a smile and a new pair of Force Fin PROS. This was a first!

Thank you again for all your service and commitment to our country and its citizens it was great to meet you guys!