Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bob Meistrell's Birthday SCUBA Dive

On July 31st, Iwas invited by Billy Meistrell "JR"
of Body Glove - to be part of his uncle's - Bob Meistrell's birthday dive!

Back in 1966 I was certified as a SCUBA from Bob Meistrell through the LA country Certification Agency and worked at their Dive and Surf Shop for seven years as a teen ager. The Twin Meistrell brothers helped me start the Force Fin company back in 1980. The Historical story can be read in The Journal of Diving History vol 16 issue 2 number 55 Spring 2008.

Bob Meistrell of Body Glove is filmed during this exciting day.

Jocko Robinson with his faithful Pro Force Fins. He accompanied Bob to the Depth of 162 FSW off Redondo Beach, California.

Bob Meistrell prepares to Dive in his Force Fins. Check out more photos and a short video from Body Glove.

Both Bob and Jack were wearing the smart fin the FORCE FIN! It was great day! Happy Birthday Bob.

All photos shot by Bob Evans